10 Tips For Creating A Chic Home Office

Dated: December 7 2015

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10 Tips For Creating a Chic Home Office

Written by Jaymi Naciri on Sunday, 29 November 2015 10:28 am

Who says a home office has to be boring? Not this fashion blogger, who's been turning Instagram upside down with pics of her impossibly chic space.

"When you're a fashion blogger, your good taste is everything, so it's no surprise that Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion and POPSUGAR Select took her time perfecting every detail of her home office," said POPSUGAR. "After months of trial and error, she's just revealed her stunning home office - and it was definitely worth the wait!

Done up in pink and white with flashes of blue and green and feminine touches throughout, this home office breaks a few "traditional" rules for home office design (a bookcase full of shoes? I mean, c'mon!). And that's just why we love it.

You don't need to be a fashion blogger to get a stylish, inviting look in your home office. But you can be inspired by her space (just like we are!) to create your own great home office.

1. Keep it organized

There are some of us who thrive in chaos (ahem), however it has been proven that clutter and chaos in your workspace can create clutter and chaos in your mind. Sufficient storage can help. The built-ins behind the desk in this home office provide space for open and closed storage, so décor items can also be displayed, which will give the room some life.

2. Pick the right desk

Your work surface is a critical element in the room. Having enough room is critical, but it should also look good. In this space, the homeowner is often joined at the desk by her young son, who "likes to game while I work," she said. A desk for two, courtesy of IKEA, was the answer. Bonus: the family dog loves the room too, and often joins the pair to gaze out the window while they're typing away.

3. Choose a lively paint color

The days of super neutral are over. Forget ‘office beige': you need a color that gets your work motor humming," said HGTV. "For some people, that's a bright, cheery color like orange or lime green. Others need a calming shade like botanical green or sea foam blue to perform."

4. Consider the view

Staring at a blank wall may not be the best option. Natural light and a view of the outside can keep the mind inspired. If your space doesn't accommodate a direct view of the outdoors, hanging some interesting artwork above the desk can substitute.

5. Make it masculine

The above space may feel more "typical" for a male-dominated home office, but dark and den-like doesn't have to dominate the style when you're designing a home office for a man. This light and bright office has masculine touches throughout, creating a stylish room for work.

6. Create a separation

"Working from home is exciting because it offers an opportunity for real comfort and efficiency, but if the office is too casual, or isn't effectively separated from the home environment, peak productivity may be lost," said Entrepreneur. "While comfort is essential in any office, an office that is too casual may seriously impede the ability to get things done. You have to find a way to separate yourself from the rest of the goings-on in the home and to convey a sense of ‘off limits' to all other normal and natural home sounds and interruptions."

If you don't have doors to close, consider a screen.

7. Light it up

"Good lighting is essential," said Entrepreneur. "Ideally you want as much natural daylight as possible. If no daylight is available, a combination of general and task lighting will be required.

8. Take a seat

You're going to be on your butt for long periods of time, so "Invest in a great chair," said HGTV. "A beautiful, ergonomically-correct, comfortable seat is worth every dime." Don't forget to also include a comfortable chair for guests.

9. Make it fun

Why so serious? Adding some flair and fanciful style will help keep the mind open.

10. Keep it stylish

If you follow every other tip but forget to create a space that speaks to you, you may not be very creative or productive. The great thing about this room is that, while it's ultra personalized and oh-so-chic, there's nothing in here that can't be changed out if the homeowners' needs changed or they put the house up for sale. Strip out all of the décor, and you're left with gray walls and neutral flooring.

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