Forney Texas Placed 6th In The Best Towns To Live In

Dated: May 18 2015

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Housing at Forney: There is something for everyone. You can choose to live in a suburban neighborhood with parks and ponds and swimming pools or you can choose to live on a few acres and have custom features on your property like a large garage to do auto body/auto repair from your home or set up a hair salon in a separate building on your property. There are large tracks of land where people farm and/or raise cows, horses. It is eclectic and varied and adds to the character and charm of our city. 

Employment at Forney: The people who run their local business, like the downtown restaurants run it in a family atmosphere in an establishment that is always filled with people, so they are obviously doing something right. My husband is employed in the local paper mill that averages hourly wages of $21/hr way upward and sometimes unlimited OT. There are teachers that have been with the school district for years and years and live in the community. There are jobs on the lower end of the pay scale such as the movies, Walmart, grocery stores, but you have to balance that with not commuting - burning gas, sitting in traffic 1 or 2 hours each morning/evening. We are only 25 mins from downtown Dallas. People who live her choose to for the lifestyle our town offers, and there are a variety of jobs from low to high. Most teenagers that want a job find one! You cannot say that in every big city in America.

Businesses at Forney: Revitalization of downtown area. Local restaurants, family businesses. A community park that is very family friend and hosts events throughout the year. Many local parks in area neighborhoods with fishing ponds, walking trails. It's a small town, not too far from the big city, but where when you go to the store you are recognized. People greet one another by name. Fourth of July is a major celebration in our town, just like our home town Christmas in the square. Many schools at the elementary level don't give Wednesday night homework because so many kids to to Wednesday night church. We have a thrift store that exclusively benefits the Kaufman County Emergency Children's Shelter with all their proceeds and the biggest Kroger in the country, yet we manage to maintain that small town vibe. AG is big in schools, and kids still have horses, goats, bunnies and chickens for pets, in addition to the dogs and cats. I would not trade where I live for more money or consistently more moderate weather. This is home and moving here when our boys were young was by far the best thing we ever did. When we moved her my husband and I both worked 33 miles away. Today I work from home and today he works 3 miles from our house! It's an amazing place to be and even the sound of the train is comforting. It's just part of the small town charm.

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