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Dated: May 13 2016

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    The market for Real Estate is moving at a very quick pace lately , that being said is also the reason closing on a house is never an easy thing to do. Putting offers in quick and sometimes to more than one house is normal in this market, also alot of clients chose to up the offer over the asking price. It isn't unlikely that even if your offer is higher than the asking price you still might not be able to achieve your short term goal of closing on the house you choose. All these things in order and still not able to get the home. Yes its hard and not very fun for either the realtor or the client but on the good side of things "seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty" would be that with the market in the status it is in there is an abundance of houses. Keep trying and it might take a few tries but with every failure comes a better outcome.

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Terry Ivie

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